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Mother/Daughter Love in Well

Sam Ginn and Annie Hinton in "WELL." Photo by Daren Scott.

Sam Ginn and Annie Hinton in “WELL.” Photo by Daren Scott.

By Taberah Joy Holloway

Well is the story of playwright Lisa Kron and her mother. Lisa attempts to understand her mother and her mother’s sickness, but she uses a theatrical piece to explore her relationship with her mother instead of actually talking to her.

Lisa was sick and now she is well. Why can’t her mother be well? The show begins as a flat judgment on sickness and ends with a far more thoughtful understanding of humans and their humanness.

The playwright did a brave and unlikely thing. She made her mother look better than her. She ends up coming off as shallow and fearful, while her mother comes off as sympathetic and someone you can touch and be touched by. How many of us would make someone, especially our mother, look better than us in a room full of people?

If you go to Well for no other reason, go to see Annie Hinton who plays Lisa’s mother. She is superb. I am not the kind of person that uses that term. Part of the captivation is the character and the other part is the actor. The character has many levels, charming, funny, principled, tired, and Annie Hinton fully brings those to the surface.

Samantha Ginn, playing Lisa, and the ensemble cast do an excellent job blurring the lines between reality and art. The playwright uses art to make sense of reality. She finds art is not capable of packaging the many facets of life.

Well is playing in repertory with 2.5 Minute Ride through March 19th. Order tickets at Get a discount when you see both!

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